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About Us

"Cruis'n Comfort' Motorcycle Sheepskins is operated and owned by motorcycle fanatics Susan and Lee and has been in business since 2003. Already we have established ourselves as one of the major motorcycle sheepskin seat cover manufactures in Australia. Motorcycles and some scooters is all we do!

Susan has been in the sheepskin manufacturing business for over 29 years and has a very keen eye for detail. She has manufactured everything from car seat covers, medical sheepskin products to aeroplane seat covers, clothing and just about anything in between. Lee however is just a motorcycle nutcase and has been a motorcyclist for over 36 years. As such, he has owned a wide range of bikes and knows what a comfortable seat means to the serious motorcyclist!

With Susan's excellent skills and knowledge, and Lee's enthusiasm, 'Cruis'n Comfort' endeavour to make the highest quality product for the best possible price.  With thousands of customers so far within Australia and worldwide, we are proud of our efforts and hope to expand on our success so far.  

To our friends:  Sincere thanks for your continued support.

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Why use a sheepskin?

Sheepskin is a natural insulator and has been used over hundreds of years in many varying applications. It retains its natural oils providing some degree of weather protection. It also allows your most senstive parts to "breath" when riding on warm to hot days providing supreme comfort over a longer period.

If your bike is left out in the sun for any length of time, it keeps the seat cool preventing "Hot Seat" syndrome. It also assists in protecting the original seat and prevents Gel Pads becoming too hot to sit on. (Ouch) 

On cooler days, it keeps your bum warm and comfortable providing supreme rider and pillion comfort. A must for those longer or even short trips. "No more numb bum"!!!

Other products:

Comfort Pads:
These are sheepskin seat pads made from exactly the same material as a fully tailored seat cover but aimed at the budget minded motorcyclist. They are basically a generic pad made to fit most styles of bike and are secured using two elastic straps and plastic buckles. Easy on/off! Made for both rider and pillion.

Neck Warmers:  Susan has designed and manufactured a neck warmer that seals the neck both front and back, and lower face if required from the cool air whilst riding on colder days. They have an extended front and rear that is tucked inside your bike jacket. This method stops wind and draft from entering around your neck and makes your ride warm and comfortable. Made in black or navy blue but other colours may be available depending on material availability. 

Weatherproof seat cover protectors: Made from a durable Nulon material and designed to slip over the sheepskin covered seat to protect it from rain, dust and other adverse weather conditions.  

Pictures of all three of these products are available in our gallery.   





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